Special Offer

A high-quality website for your local service business for $600 + GST

  • We spend 10 hours working on your new website at $60/hour.
  • Fast turn-around every single time so it will be ready in days (rather than weeks or months).
  • Big look / low cost. Clean and modern. None of this "Website designed by Blah Blah Blah" at the bottom.
  • Yes, you can try editing it yourself if you want. To get it always looking perfect and working on all devices, then it is best to get us to do it.
  • Use your website to show off your services and your people so you can get more business.
  • To get started, just send us any marketing material, images, links to your Facebook page etc. Then we can use that to create your content. We make it easy.

Web Hosting for $20/month

  • CPanel web hosting on our custom web servers means your website is always working with no downtime. There are no additional costs.
  • Yes, it is possible to run these websites on other hosting systems, but eventually the server administrators will change something and the website will stop working and need to be fixed. Our servers will always work with these websites.
  • If there is some update we need to do on our servers that will stop your website working properly, then we will upgrade your website to work at no cost.
  • We have quite a few clients who have used our hosting services ever since we first started in 2002.


  • Automatically generating menu and mobile menu which can have an unlimited number of levels of subpages below each page.
  • Menu automatically scrolls off the page and appears again when the page is scrolled up. This is the best type of menu in my opinion.
  • A contact form on as many pages as you want which works without refreshing or changing to a different page.
  • Animated Frequently Asked Questions section or page.
  • Automatically generated gallery sections so you can show off your work
  • Try one of our sample websites to see some of the features: https://samples-local-services.webclinic.net.au/

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